Navigating the Unique Financial Planning Challenges & Opportunities

Early-Career Doctors

Congratulations! Your salary has significantly increased. Perhaps you’re considering establishing a family, purchasing a home, increasing your net worth, and emerging as a renowned physician. Maybe you are in your final training year or in your initial five years as an attending physician. Despite all these wishes, your college expenses proceed to interfere with your plans. If any of the above pertains to you, DocFunds will advise you on the following and more:

 Organizing finances
  •  What should I invest in?
  • What benefits has my employer included?
Tackling college loans
  • Tackling college loans
  • Should I pay my loans now or invest?
Starting life beyond medicine
  • What is the best way to finance purchasing a home?
  • How can I save up for retirement or my children’s tuition?
Protecting assets and Managing risk
  • How can I protect my assets from future legal cases?
  • Do I even need to manage risk if I’m a great physician?

Your career has just started, but preparing for your future could save you from stressful situations and a generous amount of money. Our trustworthy team of professionals will create a personalized financial plan to maximize your savings and help you achieve your goals. We comprehend the struggles of shifting into residency, so we provide you with a 12-month program to prepare you for financial success.