Navigating the Unique Financial Planning Challenges & Opportunities

Mid-Career Doctors

You have worked hard and finally paid off your student debts. Applause to you for overcoming
such a predicament! If you have spent five to fifteen years as an attending physician, you are
considered a mid-career physician. You may be a homeowner ready to start a family, but your
net worth is slowly decreasing or not increasing enough to support your goals. DocFunds can
resolve these issues by helping:

 Plan your investments
  • Should I invest in a Roth IRA or a 401K?
  • Are there other investment options I need to learn about?
Maximize tax savings
  • How can I build my financial portfolio for tax efficiency?
  • What can I do to lower my income taxes?
Safeguard personal assets
  • How can I protect my assets from future legal cases?
  • Should I place my assets in an LLC or a trust?
Strategize for the future
  • How should I arrange to pay for my children’s college tuition?
  • How do I create my estate, so my beneficiaries have no legal troubles?
The same time and effort you put towards your patients should also be applied to your finances. DocFunds provides lucrative programs that determine and help you accomplish your financial goals. We are upfront with our fees and strive to provide our doctors with the most advantageous financial planning possible.